What Can Help You Fall Asleep?

There are four reasons why listening to music to help you sleep is a powerful technique. Music can obscure or cover up distracting sounds that are preventing you from sleeping. Music can distract your mind from stressful thoughts, making it easier to fall asleep. The associations and feelings associated with the specific music can relax you. Finally, the rhythm and beats of music can sooth your brain, also helping you to fall into sleep.

Nowadays, a lot of young people suffer from the inability to fall asleep fast and have a quality rest at night. Their rapid lifestyle causes them to overwork, eat less, and grasp too much information daily. Thus, young and middle-aged Americans started to notice the increasing obesity, decreasing productivity during the week, and overall worsening of the quality of life. If you know what we mean, do not hesitate to find out how to help falling asleep. 

Use the Play It Down app

First of all, we advise you to try out the Play It Down app. This tiny program for your smartphone will sort the music in your playlist according to your preferences. Also, it will take care of the loudness and duration of your listening to your favorite bands and singers, so that your ears could be safe while you try falling asleep. 

Remember, some genres are more suitable for calming down and having rest: various researchers proved classical music as the best choice for human sleep. 

Read before going to bed

Another useful option to try at night is reading. Choose a book or an author you like the most, and do not force yourself to read a lot. You are not doing it for a class, but for the sake of reading, so give yourself 10 or 15 minutes for this activity, and you will fall asleep soon. 

Decrease gadgets use after the dinner

When we advised you to read before going to bed, we meant conventional paper books. With the rising popularity of e-books on tablets or smartphones, you are likely to think that it is okay to read from the screen. Unfortunately, it’s not right: you will only awaken your neural system instead of helping it stay steady before sleep. 

Start a night self-care routine

Finally, you need to set up a few activities that will help you concentrate on sleep. It can be skincare, taking CBD products for sleep, taking on your pajama, etc. Using several food supplements is a great idea to improve your rest without medications, so feel free to order the best CBD for sleep today.

These simple tips will definitely change your quality of sleep and active time if you implement them consistently. Therefore, consider adding them to your daily routine and let us know how it goes.

Music to cover up noise

Any music at significant volume can drown out noises that are preventing you from sleeping. But the music should be consistent in volume, without sections with loud or soft volumes. The change in loudness could jar you into wakefulness. A few suggestions of artists that fit this category are Pink Floyd, Enya, Led Zepplin, Dire Straits, Yes, and Eric Clapton.

Music to distract your mind

Concentrating on the different instruments of a song can distract your imagination or thoughts that are making it difficult for you to fall asleep. Focusing on hearing the different melodies and harmonies that the instruments are playing is another technique to distract yourself. This works especially well when the layers of music are at different volumes and octaves since this forces you to listen and pay particular attention. This method can really wear out your brain and make you tired quickly. I further discuss this method of how to go to sleep fast in the emergency main section.

Music to help you sleep that fits in this category is most classical music, particularly the complex symphonies of Mozart, Chopin, Handel, and Brahms. Some new age music suggests are Yanni, Kitaro, Suzanne Ciani, David Arkenstone, and David Lanz.

Music Personally Associated to Happy Feelings

We all have music that we’ve associated with good times. Music is naturally associated with our emotions at the time we first, or most often listened to that music. For example, Christmas music can cause people to feel more gracious, more friendly, more religious, and more inclined to spending time with relatives. For others that have had negative experiences with Christmas, Christmas music could make them feel anxious, angry, frustrated, or lonely. The particular music that is going to help you relax is a personal choice, but to help you remember the music, here are some suggestions.

Think of music you may have listened to at Church, or music you listened to in your car with friends. Maybe the music of a happy place like Disneyland or the soundtrack from movies you really enjoyed will trigger those happy emotions for you. Be cautious of listening to music that energizes and excites you. Remember the goal here to fall asleep, not play a game of football.

Music With Relaxing rhythms

Music with 60 to 80 beats per minute like some jazz, classical, folk music has been shown to cause physical changes in the listeners. Specifically, the listeners breathing rate and heart rate both were lowered, causing them to fall asleep faster. The listeners reported deeper and longer sleep and less dysfunction during the day after using relaxing music to sleep.

Music to help you sleep that falls into this category are the compositions by Bach, particularly the Brandenburg concertos, and English and French suites. Other artists are Medwyn Goodall, Mike Oldfield, Cusco, Mythos, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream

Using music to help you sleep is a satisfying, effective way to get to sleep. Many music players can be set to fade out over time, so you don’t even need to turn off the player after you fall asleep. There are even pillows that have speakers built into them so only you hear the music if you don’t want to disturb anyone else sleeping with you. For more ideas and insight on how to fall asleep instantly.